Call your Mom

Over the weekend, I went camping for the first time in years.  Well, let me be completely honest…it wasn’t exactly camping…it was this (see the above picture)…

I had a roof, and a front door, and a mattress…and that’s it, because that is about all that would fit in my personal mansion.  It was a half mile hike to air conditioning, indoor plumbing and Wi Fi.  And it was awesome.

I don’t know about your brain, but mine can only handle so much information, so much detail and so much stress before it explodes.  Wi Fi allows me access to all three nonstop.  So, for me at least, it is absolutely necessary for me to turn things off so that I can be at peace and commune with God.

I love what Chik-Fil-A is doing right now.  Basically, if you haven’t heard, they are bribing people with ice cream to talk to each other.  Any family that is willing to place their cell phones and other gadgets in a box and seal it up and actually talk to each other over a meal gets free ice at the end of the meal.  FREE ICE CREAM.  Need I say more…

But isn’t it a little sad that is what we’ve come to, that our societal problem is so out of control that we need a fast food chain to help set our course correction?  And that we can’t course correct ourselves?

Do me a favor.  Do yourself a favor actually; turn something off and go talk to someone.  In your own house.  Or maybe one of your neighbors.  Or here’s an idea…pretend it’s 2003 all over again and call somebody on the phone.   I bet your Mom would love this.  Mine would…she frequently asks me if my phone still works.

Have a great day, folks!


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